“I just became overwhelmed with the feeling… my son needed me.”

“Tell us a time when a prediction you made came true. When one of our team -” oh, okay. I don’t know that it was a prediction so much as – my son was 16 and his youth minister had lost a child, a baby girl, and they were burying her, and I had to work. I couldn’t make it to the funeral, and I had let my son out of school for the day to be with his youth pastor and do whatever he could do to help his youth pastor and his wife out. And I was at work, two cities away, and I just became overwhelmed with the feeling of need. My son needed me. It was overwhelming, and I went to my boss and I explained to her what was happening with my son. It was his first ever funeral that he’d gone to, and it was a child and I just felt like my son needed me, so I called off the rest of the day of work and I went to the – at that time they were at the funeral – or at the cemetery and I went to the cemetery and my son saw me coming and he ran to me, and he cried like a baby. And I was absolutely right to take the day off work and go be with my son. That overwhelming feeling, not a prediction, just a feeling of need came over me and I am glad I went.

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