“I really want to explore the universe, actually.”

"Is there somewhere you want to explore or something you want to discover?" Something I want to discover. Oh, I really want to explore the universe, actually. It's really big. There are so many like solar systems in it and I dunno, I'd just love to go through it and like see what's there, you know? See if there's like any other life or something, or is there anything really. You know, like what do other solar systems look like up close? And like what does it look like on the surface of that planet or star or whatever. Okay, maybe not stars, but like planet, if there are any planets out there, what is it like on the surface? So like Earth, like is there something like Earth? And I'm pretty sure there is ‘cause the chances of another Earth - are small. Very very very small, and there probably isn't like an exact Earth, but probably like something like Earth. And I'm talking really fast, I need to calm down. But yeah, and there's like a chance of something like Earth, and I would really love to explore that and like see what the differences are.

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“People have such an influence on your life. You don’t even know it.”

It's crazy how much of an influence like we have on other people's lives, and like, we don't even know it. Like, we remember so many people and so much of, like, other people that have been in our lives. Like for me, all my teachers, I remember every single one of them. Like, what their class was like, because, like, they had such a big impact on me. So like it's really kind of sad honestly, like when you move up a grade level or like graduate from anything, the fact that those people will pretty much be out of your life, but the impact they had on you will stay. Like even if you know someone for only a little amount of time, they still have, like, a great impact on my life. Like, my speech teacher in - I think, like, second grade who was only there for, like, a few months. She wasn't even there for the whole school year. Like I still remember her, like, what it was like and whatnot. It's just, and like, my physical therapist who I only saw for - November, December, January, February - I only saw her for four months, but, like, I'm kinda sad but happy at the same time that I graduated physical therapy because, like, I liked seeing her twice a week, like, I got to know her as a person. Just like, she was Muslim. So I was, like, learning things about like her religion and stuff. It's, like, she was talking about Ramadan one day, and, like, it's just stuff like that, like, people have such an influence on your life. You don't even know it.

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“…when I opened this book, and it was dead on the money.”

I wanna say it was three separate times I went to different thrift stores and two times I was with a friend. And it was so bizarre. There was - what was it? There was a kid's book, 'cause we were just screwing around at Goodwill and we were looking at stuff and some goofy things. And I looked at a book, and I was like, “2005.” And he was like, “What?” I'm like, “That book was printed in 2005.” And he was like, “Alright, I'm gonna guess 2008 then.” ‘Cause my friends all know that I collect books, antique books and kind of like you know, will go off my immediate prediction. 2005! It was 2005. It was real weird. I could not tell you why I guessed that date. The subject matter - I don't even remember what book it was, there was nothing that would have immediately tipped me off consciously. Another one was some - oh, it was an educational book. This one was a little easier because it mentioned the Soviet Union. So that's kind of a cheat code, but I said 1987 and was correct. I think my friend said like 1980 or some - I don't remember, something like that. He was relatively off. But again, he was going off my prediction but I didn't expect to be right at all. I figured like it could've been the 70s, could have been 80s, could've been the 90s because it's not like it was talking about things in present tense if I remember right, it was just mentioning the Soviet Union. But I think in my mind, it had mentioned it enough when we were just glancing through this book, and the photography I think maybe? Hard to say, the photography in in books though is really similar starting from like the 80s even into the early 2000s, like it's just the same kind of like style, color, quality type thing. But I did not expect to be dead on at all, not even a little bit. And then there was a third time where I was by myself and it was - I wanna say, it was like 1946 or something, and my ability to guess the age of a book accurately dwindles very quickly after the 1920s onward just because like I said, I don't really collect books past the Great War,…

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“I just became overwhelmed with the feeling… my son needed me.”

"Tell us a time when a prediction you made came true. When one of our team -" oh, okay. I don't know that it was a prediction so much as - my son was 16 and his youth minister had lost a child, a baby girl, and they were burying her, and I had to work. I couldn't make it to the funeral, and I had let my son out of school for the day to be with his youth pastor and do whatever he could do to help his youth pastor and his wife out. And I was at work, two cities away, and I just became overwhelmed with the feeling of need. My son needed me. It was overwhelming, and I went to my boss and I explained to her what was happening with my son. It was his first ever funeral that he'd gone to, and it was a child and I just felt like my son needed me, so I called off the rest of the day of work and I went to the - at that time they were at the funeral - or at the cemetery and I went to the cemetery and my son saw me coming and he ran to me, and he cried like a baby. And I was absolutely right to take the day off work and go be with my son. That overwhelming feeling, not a prediction, just a feeling of need came over me and I am glad I went.

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