“People have such an influence on your life. You don’t even know it.”

It’s crazy how much of an influence like we have on other people’s lives, and like, we don’t even know it. Like, we remember so many people and so much of, like, other people that have been in our lives. Like for me, all my teachers, I remember every single one of them. Like, what their class was like, because, like, they had such a big impact on me. So like it’s really kind of sad honestly, like when you move up a grade level or like graduate from anything, the fact that those people will pretty much be out of your life, but the impact they had on you will stay. Like even if you know someone for only a little amount of time, they still have, like, a great impact on my life. Like, my speech teacher in – I think, like, second grade who was only there for, like, a few months. She wasn’t even there for the whole school year. Like I still remember her, like, what it was like and whatnot. It’s just, and like, my physical therapist who I only saw for – November, December, January, February – I only saw her for four months, but, like, I’m kinda sad but happy at the same time that I graduated physical therapy because, like, I liked seeing her twice a week, like, I got to know her as a person. Just like, she was Muslim. So I was, like, learning things about like her religion and stuff. It’s, like, she was talking about Ramadan one day, and, like, it’s just stuff like that, like, people have such an influence on your life. You don’t even know it.

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