“I really want to explore the universe, actually.”

“Is there somewhere you want to explore or something you want to discover?” Something I want to discover. Oh, I really want to explore the universe, actually. It’s really big. There are so many like solar systems in it and I dunno, I’d just love to go through it and like see what’s there, you know? See if there’s like any other life or something, or is there anything really. You know, like what do other solar systems look like up close? And like what does it look like on the surface of that planet or star or whatever. Okay, maybe not stars, but like planet, if there are any planets out there, what is it like on the surface? So like Earth, like is there something like Earth? And I’m pretty sure there is ‘cause the chances of another Earth – are small. Very very very small, and there probably isn’t like an exact Earth, but probably like something like Earth. And I’m talking really fast, I need to calm down. But yeah, and there’s like a chance of something like Earth, and I would really love to explore that and like see what the differences are.

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