“Seeing into the future could help with, like, probably a lot of things.”

And for the question “Would you rather be able to see the future or have a photographic memory?” I would pick see the future for a couple of reasons. Number one. If you thought, like, something bad was gonna happen or something, or there was something you don’t like, cuz sometimes when you try new, new – when your, like, your parents sign you up for something new, you, like, are really scared and nervous to do it. But then if you look into the future, you wouldn’t be as scared, as nervous of it, if you saw yourself having a really good time. So, and plus, like, another thing you could do is for, like, a math test or something, if you saw into the future, to see your own math test to see what things you did wrong. Then, you could fix those things. Like, sometimes I feel like I could do that with my math test ’cause at school sometimes when I do math tests, I get, like, the stuff right. But then I just sorta go too fast. Or, I just don’t realize that I accidentally didn’t, like, do something. So that would be really useful. 

And plus, for seeing the future, if like, you think you would – you might be able to get something in the future when you weren’t, like, sure about it, then you could just look into the future and see if you, like, did get it. Or if there were, like – if you had to like pick, like, “this or that” or something like that? Like two – let’s say like, two – there’re two different doors and behind one, there’s nothing and behind the other, there’s a hundred dollars. If you could look into the future, you would see if you picked the wrong door or the right door. So, and then all you would have to do is look into the future to see if the door, if the left or the right door – so, if it was the right door. Not like “left and right,” like “yes or no” right. If you were right, then you could just go through the door. But if you were wrong, then you’d still know which one was the right door because you would just pick the opposite of that one. 

And seeing into the future could help with, like, probably a lot of things.

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