“Seeing into the future could help with, like, probably a lot of things.”

And for the question "Would you rather be able to see the future or have a photographic memory?" I would pick see the future for a couple of reasons. Number one. If you thought, like, something bad was gonna happen or something, or there was something you don't like, cuz sometimes when you try new, new - when your, like, your parents sign you up for something new, you, like, are really scared and nervous to do it. But then if you look into the future, you wouldn't be as scared, as nervous of it, if you saw yourself having a really good time. So, and plus, like, another thing you could do is for, like, a math test or something, if you saw into the future, to see your own math test to see what things you did wrong. Then, you could fix those things. Like, sometimes I feel like I could do that with my math test 'cause at school sometimes when I do math tests, I get, like, the stuff right. But then I just sorta go too fast. Or, I just don't realize that I accidentally didn't, like, do something. So that would be really useful.  And plus, for seeing the future, if like, you think you would - you might be able to get something in the future when you weren't, like, sure about it, then you could just look into the future and see if you, like, did get it. Or if there were, like - if you had to like pick, like, "this or that" or something like that? Like two - let's say like, two - there're two different doors and behind one, there's nothing and behind the other, there's a hundred dollars. If you could look into the future, you would see if you picked the wrong door or the right door. So, and then all you would have to do is look into the future to see if the door, if the left or the right door - so, if it was the right door. Not like "left and right," like "yes or no" right. If you were right, then you could just go through the door. But if you were wrong, then you'd still know which one was the right door because you would just pick the opposite of that one.  And seeing into the future could help with,…

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“I’m still cheering to this day.”

"Tell us about a time that you tried something new and it turned out better than you thought it would."  For me, that was in seventh grade when I started cheerleading. I'm in 11th grade now, but seventh grade, when my mom made me do cheerleading and I've never done anything, like, even close to cheerleading. Maybe like a cheer camp once when I was, like, three or something, but I've never done anything close and I was so nervous that it was gonna go, like, really poorly and I thought I was gonna be cut from the team and then I found out that everyone makes it and I was like, "Oh my God." And then I just became obsessed with cheer, like, I - every - all the skills that we did, all the chants, even just cheering on the sidelines at the basketball games, which sucked at the moment, but like, I actually enjoyed all of it and it turned out a lot better than I thought and I'm still cheering to this day. I'm on the varsity team. So that is pretty cool and it turned out a lot better than I thought it would.

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“I only set one alarm in the morning.”

Honestly, I only set one alarm in the morning and I wake up to that always, so I don't even have a snooze button. I actually turned it off because it got annoying. 'Cause I would always like mix up the buttons, like I would - I would mix up the buttons on my phone. So sometimes, I would click the snooze button, you know, and it would be really annoying because like eight minutes later it'd be like *mimicking alarm noise*, and then, yeah, it's annoying. But, well, I guess the reason for that is, like, once my alarm goes off, like, I know that I have to get up and I have to start my day. I have to get ready or I'm gonna be late to school, and I can't be late to school 'cause then my parents will kill me. So I guess that's kind of like my motivation to get up, like, I have to get up, you know, like I have to, I absolutely have to. So yeah.

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“She just continued to make me try and dance.”

Talking about feeling like a statue, I recently learned in working with my new therapist that I struggle with social anxiety. I originally thought this was because of my introversion, but she explained to me that introversion is more so about the fact of, like, where you recharge and you recharge alone, and social anxiety explains the stress that I feel in social situations, especially in large groups. And I was out at our teeny tiny little local bar with my partner two or three weeks ago and there was an older woman there. She's probably like, I don't know, pushing 60? I don't know, 60, 65, and I know her casually, she lives down the - ooh, lives down the street, but, yeah, she was saying like some kind of inappropriate things all night, like subtly raunchy things, innuendos, and trying to get a reaction out of me. Which was weird.  She had explained to us a few times throughout the night that whenever her husband agreed to go to the bar with her, he said they would not be dancing that night and I told her, you know, "You are grown independent woman. You don't need your husband's permission to dance if you want to dance. So go dance," and later on in the night, we're literally getting ready to leave. Like, I've got my jacket in my lap and I'm, like, mentally preparing for the transition to go home. She pulls my jacket out of my lap and then immediately grabs onto my wrists and pulls me out onto the dance floor, tries to get me to dance, and as somebody who's introverted with social anxiety, I really don't enjoy dancing outside of my own privacy. It really, really, really stresses me out and definitely kind of puts me into a fight or flight mode. So initially, I tried to fight and get away, and she had such a grip on my wrist that I could not get away from her, like, and this is an old woman so, yeah, it was really stressful for me. I really didn't appreciate it, and she had me out there for probably a solid, like, minute to two minutes, in front of all these people, you know, which just made it worse for me.  And I, like, wasn't dancing at all. She was dancing while holding on to my wrist, and I was just standing there and trying so hard to keep my arms…

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“Something I am grateful for is that I got a new dog this week!”

Something I am grateful for is that I got a new dog this week! I was at work, and I work kind of near an animal shelter. So pretty frequently, we'll see, during work meetings, the volunteers walking dogs around our building. And for some reason this dog really caught my eye, it was - it looked like a lab, but it was really tall. So I wasn't sure what kind of dog it was, but I assumed it was maybe a lab or a golden mixed with something else. So I went over to the animal shelter and, originally, I was just interested in looking at the cats, maybe petting some dogs. But I started to think about it more seriously, so I put my name in and they don't hold dogs for anyone, but they told me that this dog would be available on a certain day. So when dogs are brought in by Animal Control, there's a period of time that they're kept at the shelter, just in case the owners show up. They obviously check for a chip right away and if they're able to contact someone they will, but otherwise they just keep them for a while waiting for the owners, possibly. And this dog seemed really taken care - well taken care of. It was neutered and has some training at least, so they were pretty surprised when no one came to get it. Shortly after we adopted, we looked all over Michigan on different websites to see if somebody had lost the dog, but we weren't able to find anything. But anyway, I saw this dog, was interested, filled out the paperwork. Eventually, when the dog became available, I brought my partner over there and he was interested in getting a second dog, but feeling a little bit cautious because our first dog is really reactive. She will play with other dogs and it's okay, but she has to know them pretty well. The first, you know, few minutes of her meeting a dog are scary enough that it's not something we do super often. She's never actually like bitten a dog or anything, but she really snarls and with smaller dogs it's worse, so we just try to avoid that altogether. But larger dogs, it tends to be okay. So we were hopeful that they would get along, and after maybe five…

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