“I only set one alarm in the morning.”

Honestly, I only set one alarm in the morning and I wake up to that always, so I don’t even have a snooze button. I actually turned it off because it got annoying. ‘Cause I would always like mix up the buttons, like I would – I would mix up the buttons on my phone. So sometimes, I would click the snooze button, you know, and it would be really annoying because like eight minutes later it’d be like *mimicking alarm noise*, and then, yeah, it’s annoying. But, well, I guess the reason for that is, like, once my alarm goes off, like, I know that I have to get up and I have to start my day. I have to get ready or I’m gonna be late to school, and I can’t be late to school ’cause then my parents will kill me. So I guess that’s kind of like my motivation to get up, like, I have to get up, you know, like I have to, I absolutely have to. So yeah.

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