“I worked, at the time, in residential life and so the wildest things would happen in my life.”

Note: There is language that is excluded in the transcript but not excluded in the audio. But I was really quite known for being a little bit of a class clown. And so for example, one of the courses we took where I have a pretty good memory of this -- It was my certificate for student affairs, so I was in student development. And the professor, ironically, was my very first on-campus boss. So I know him very well and vice versa. And so, it was quite humorous to both of us because he would call on me -- and I worked, at the time, in residential life and so the wildest things would happen in my life being on call. I watched students get tased, I watched a kid try to climb in a manhole, like things that you just don't normally see. And so, [he] would constantly call on me to share and I would get student -- I would have, like, my fellow classmates just rolling, because I could retell the story pretty well. And it was factual, I wasn't necessarily trying to be funny, but I feel like I have good delivery. And so, I remember a lot of times just being the one that he would kind of hold up as like, "Okay, so she's gonna talk about this theory." Or we would talk about students and just their development and how sometimes they just do the stupidest s***. So I really enjoyed -- those were the times I enjoyed.

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“My nemesis in the neighborhood was a skunk.”

So I like skunks -- They're cute. If you've ever seen a picture of a baby skunk, those are like, off the charts adorable. I don't even mind the smell of a skunk as long as it's kind of faint and distant. Strong skunk, you know, I find that as repulsive as anyone else does, but like faint skunk? Not terrible.  So -- so the reason the skunk became my nemesis was we had a duck pair. Well, this mama duck started nesting in my flower bed. And she built herself a nest, and you know what they do, they like, lay an egg every day. They lay an egg and then they leave it alone because they're not gonna -- they don't want to start incubating it until like, it gets them all done. It lays an egg a day, and then when it's finally done then it starts sitting on the nest, and that way all of them will kind of develop at the same rate and they'll hatch about the same day. So I kept a close eye on this duck, we were really careful when we were like, leaving the house to give it wide berth. So we wouldn't startle her, I mean, and I was really looking forward to them hatching and us having like a little duck family around.  But one night I could hear from my bedroom window which is like, kind of above her nest. I heard this like, really distressed quacking. And I like, bolted out of bed, tore downstairs, and went out and realized that the duck was off the nest, quacking all upset, and there was a -- I can't remember if I didn't see this the first night because this happened a couple times, but anyway, I could see a skunk had come and was eating the eggs. And I was like, "Oh, for God's sake," like, that was like, I mean I get it's nature and everything, but it was really, um, like, upsetting to me because I could mama duck was upset and I wanted to see those babies. So like I scared the skunk off that night.  But this, this kept happening. And sometimes she would get so upset she would like, fly off and just leave. And I was worried one time, she's not going to come back. So I grabbed the eggs that were…

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“Just trying to encapsulate the respect that I have for how hard my dad worked.”

One of the cool things that I decided to do is, um, on all my dad's blue chambray work shirts, they had pockets on them, and he used pockets for everything -- to carry a pen, and he would always have a little notebook in that pocket. And what I've decided to do with that pocket is I cut them off and kept them all, and am sewing them onto each of the quilts. And inside each pocket as I decide who the quilt is going to I'm going to be searching for and printing photos of that person with my mom and dad. So either your -- a parent or a grandparent. And put their photo in the pocket specifically for them with, um, yeah, their -- their grandparents or, or their grandpa. And I think that's going to be really cool. I'm also hoping to write a little poem or note just trying to encapsulate the respect that I have for how hard my dad worked all those years on the farm, and, um, what that has meant to our family and our legacy. So that's the pocket part of the story, and that was a sample of one that I was just experimenting with to make sure I could do it properly. So anyway, a pocket full of memories also included with each quilt.

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“My grandma is a very competitive Easter egg hunter.”

But then the next morning, I did -- it was East- -- the day before Easter, I did a few Easter egg hunts. My grandma is a very competitive Easter egg hunter, and while I was going up picking eggs, she was like, "Go over there, go over there!" and when I wasn't going over there, she would just pick up stuff and stuff them in her purse. Oh, I have a funny story about this. Um, so that day we went to a place -- they said they were gonna have an Easter egg hunt at 1:30, right? So we get there at 1:10 and they say, "Okay. We've already done the Easter egg hunt. People were getting cold. So we just decided to do it." And so then, they offered us this free taffy candy. I can't have taffy. But then, so, my grandma -- so I was taking a few pieces and then my grandma was just like sweeping some into her purse, and then when she saw I looked like I was finished, she was like, "Take mo-" -- "Don't be shy!" because she wanted me to take more, and it was just a really funny experience and my mom still laughs over the situation. So yep, that was pretty funny.

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