“My grandma is a very competitive Easter egg hunter.”

But then the next morning, I did — it was East- — the day before Easter, I did a few Easter egg hunts. My grandma is a very competitive Easter egg hunter, and while I was going up picking eggs, she was like, “Go over there, go over there!” and when I wasn’t going over there, she would just pick up stuff and stuff them in her purse. Oh, I have a funny story about this. Um, so that day we went to a place — they said they were gonna have an Easter egg hunt at 1:30, right? So we get there at 1:10 and they say, “Okay. We’ve already done the Easter egg hunt. People were getting cold. So we just decided to do it.” And so then, they offered us this free taffy candy. I can’t have taffy. But then, so, my grandma — so I was taking a few pieces and then my grandma was just like sweeping some into her purse, and then when she saw I looked like I was finished, she was like, “Take mo-” — “Don’t be shy!” because she wanted me to take more, and it was just a really funny experience and my mom still laughs over the situation. So yep, that was pretty funny.

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