“When I say ‘iPod’ people look at me… they look at me so confused.”

CD players are big. I mean, iPods, nobody has iPods anymore. And when I say “iPod”, people look at me, you know my students because I work with 18 year olds, they look at me so confused.
I remember the first time I got–oh, it’s the skinny one. It wasn’t the iPod classic. It was the Nano? And it got stolen out of my car, which was devastating. I’m pretty convinced, like, we never found it. I searched everywhere, high and low. And I’d gotten that for Christmas and my mom was just kind of like, “Well, that’s, that sucks.” Oh, that was so devastating.
And then I had to save a bunch of money from babysitting to try and buy–and I bought an iPod classic. It was a 30-gig and I used that thing through college till it died. And then when I was living in Vancouver, which was 2012, I went to–that was the last time they made the iPod classic. And that was all you could buy, it was just the big iPod classic. But of course, this was like the color and it had the nice screen. Like, this was right when the iPhone 3Gs were out, iPhone 4s and stuff, and they were making an iPod that looked like those. And so this was the classic which looked like our original iPod that we all remember and so I bought one of those. Like I was–I wanted something to hold all my music because your phone just couldn’t hold the amount that I needed. Um, and I bought one of those.
And then I think when I met my husband, I still had it. And we–thankfully I had the knowledge that like, “Hm, there’s a collector out there that’s gonna want this.” Because at that point it was barely used. iPhones got better, storage on them got better. Like I didn’t need it anymore, and I sold it.
But I don’t think I realized like the iPod was gonna go away, like the phone was gonna take over storage for music. And you know, I don’t have Spotify, I have apple music but same idea. Like now we don’t really need to download our music, we don’t buy our music. We just pay a fee and then they pay fees to the artists.

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