“After I finished the second series, I read the first series and it made so much more sense.”

Has there ever been a time you put the cart before the horse or did things in the wrong order because you were impatient? Honestly, no, I can't really think of anything.Oh! I read the Percy Jackson series out of order because I was impatient and I couldn't get the first book so I started--because there's like, you know, there's different series. You know, there's the first series, the second series, the third series. I started reading the second series. After I finished the second series, I read the first series and it made so much more sense.But like yeah, it's just, that was the first series that I got my hands on so I started reading it and um, I got kind of confused but that was fine. You know, I understood the storyline, it's a good storyline. But then I read the first book and I was like, "Yeah, that makes a lot more sense."

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“I was checking news feeds 10,15 times a day.”

I think the news headline this week, unless you're living under a rock the size of Texas, is the Titan Submersible.And everyone, you know I have many many things to do, but I was checking news feeds 10, 15 times a day while I'm, you know, on break at work, while I'm at home or before I go to bed, when I wake up, just to see if they'd found anything.And obviously, as of you know, it's Friday yesterday. They found what they have concluded in as much as they can ever definitively conclude, that they-  there was a catastrophic implosion and everyone died near instantaneously.And I admit to being one of those people who found a sort of morbid, I don't want to say enjoyment, but I did like some of the some of the memes my social media was just wall to wall Titan Sub. You know Tiktok, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and some of them are terrible, but some of them were very funny like the hillbilly version of the sub and you know,ghosts knocking at the door, Jack thinking it's someone finally coming to get him, all this.And I feel terrible for everyone except the CEO. I feel no. I do not feel terrible for him. He flaunted, flouted? flaunted? He ignored, not just ignored pushed back against safety regulations saying they stifled innovation. He is, that's that's some consequences. That's- he answered for his poor choices for sure. But you know Mr. Titanic, though, at what point is it enough? 35 trips down there and 35 wasn't enough. So 36 killed you. I feel terrible for the 19 year old who apparently was very hesitant to go, was not looking forward to it but wanted to please his father as as many many children adult children do.But that is definitely news headline is stuck out to me this week. I was been following that since they announced that they went missing and I'm glad there's some closure obviously. There are people who misunderstand the situation who who are like, "okay now, let's try to recover the bodies" of which they're almost certainly are none. But at least they know it as much as they ever really can what happened.

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“And to this day I wonder… if I could have helped in any way.”

I was in college, and I don't remember what year it was. So it was either my junior or senior year. And um, and it was raining like hell. And I was getting on the bus that goes around the campus, at the library, to go toward the Y parking lot where my car was parked. And um, we stopped at-- there's another one parallel to that but the like, engineering and science buildings are next up-- parallel to that.And there was a girl [who] got on and she just looked devastated, very upset. Looked like she's had-- crying and was just like, had a bad time. And I, and I thought "I should say something. I should go over there and talk to her and comfort her."But I didn't. I just let the moment pass, I went my own way. And to this day I wonder, you know, what she was so upset about, you know, if I could have helped in any way, if I... I just feel bad. I don't know why it's stuck with me all this time, it's been eight years now. Just, just stuck with me, so.

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“When I say ‘iPod’ people look at me… they look at me so confused.”

CD players are big. I mean, iPods, nobody has iPods anymore. And when I say "iPod", people look at me, you know my students because I work with 18 year olds, they look at me so confused.I remember the first time I got--oh, it's the skinny one. It wasn't the iPod classic. It was the Nano? And it got stolen out of my car, which was devastating. I'm pretty convinced, like, we never found it. I searched everywhere, high and low. And I'd gotten that for Christmas and my mom was just kind of like, "Well, that's, that sucks." Oh, that was so devastating.And then I had to save a bunch of money from babysitting to try and buy--and I bought an iPod classic. It was a 30-gig and I used that thing through college till it died. And then when I was living in Vancouver, which was 2012, I went to--that was the last time they made the iPod classic. And that was all you could buy, it was just the big iPod classic. But of course, this was like the color and it had the nice screen. Like, this was right when the iPhone 3Gs were out, iPhone 4s and stuff, and they were making an iPod that looked like those. And so this was the classic which looked like our original iPod that we all remember and so I bought one of those. Like I was--I wanted something to hold all my music because your phone just couldn't hold the amount that I needed. Um, and I bought one of those.And then I think when I met my husband, I still had it. And we--thankfully I had the knowledge that like, "Hm, there's a collector out there that's gonna want this." Because at that point it was barely used. iPhones got better, storage on them got better. Like I didn't need it anymore, and I sold it.But I don't think I realized like the iPod was gonna go away, like the phone was gonna take over storage for music. And you know, I don't have Spotify, I have apple music but same idea. Like now we don't really need to download our music, we don't buy our music. We just pay a fee and then they pay fees to the artists.

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