“I was checking news feeds 10,15 times a day.”

I think the news headline this week, unless you’re living under a rock the size of Texas, is the Titan Submersible.
And everyone, you know I have many many things to do, but I was checking news feeds 10, 15 times a day while I’m, you know, on break at work, while I’m at home or before I go to bed, when I wake up, just to see if they’d found anything.
And obviously, as of you know, it’s Friday yesterday. They found what they have concluded in as much as they can ever definitively conclude, that they-  there was a catastrophic implosion and everyone died near instantaneously.
And I admit to being one of those people who found a sort of morbid, I don’t want to say enjoyment, but I did like some of the some of the memes my social media was just wall to wall Titan Sub. You know Tiktok, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and some of them are terrible, but some of them were very funny like the hillbilly version of the sub and you know,
ghosts knocking at the door, Jack thinking it’s someone finally coming to get him, all this.
And I feel terrible for everyone except the CEO. I feel no. I do not feel terrible for him. He flaunted, flouted? flaunted? He ignored, not just ignored pushed back against safety regulations saying they stifled innovation. He is, that’s that’s some consequences. That’s- he answered for his poor choices for sure. But you know Mr. Titanic, though, at what point is it enough? 35 trips down there and 35 wasn’t enough. So 36 killed you. I feel terrible for the 19 year old who apparently was very hesitant to go, was not looking forward to it but wanted to please his father as as many many children adult children do.
But that is definitely news headline is stuck out to me this week. I was been following that since they announced that they went missing and I’m glad there’s some closure obviously. There are people who misunderstand the situation who who are like, “okay now, let’s try to recover the bodies” of which they’re almost certainly are none. But at least they know it as much as they ever really can what happened.

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