“And to this day I wonder… if I could have helped in any way.”

I was in college, and I don’t remember what year it was. So it was either my junior or senior year. And um, and it was raining like hell. And I was getting on the bus that goes around the campus, at the library, to go toward the Y parking lot where my car was parked. And um, we stopped at– there’s another one parallel to that but the like, engineering and science buildings are next up– parallel to that.And there was a girl [who] got on and she just looked devastated, very upset. Looked like she’s had– crying and was just like, had a bad time. And I, and I thought “I should say something. I should go over there and talk to her and comfort her.”But I didn’t. I just let the moment pass, I went my own way. And to this day I wonder, you know, what she was so upset about, you know, if I could have helped in any way, if I… I just feel bad. I don’t know why it’s stuck with me all this time, it’s been eight years now. Just, just stuck with me, so.

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