“This is what I deserved, because I allowed a cat to pee on their video games.”

So I grew up in the country and we often had barn cats. People would drive by and drop animals at our house or our neighbor’s house. So there was one summer I think someone dropped seven cats off. That same summer, someone dropped a dog off.

And one summer when I was pretty young we had an indoor/outdoor cat that was not totally domesticated – was gonna say civilized, which also applies, but domesticated, and it would pee in the house which we didn’t realize right away.

But my brothers were furious at me one day because I really liked animals and for the most part if we had a cat inside it was cause I was playing with it. But this cat had peed on their N64 video games and, like, ruined one of them and that was the seminal moment when we realized like “Oh this cat is peeing all over the house, we can’t have it inside anymore.”

But they were so angry and they blamed me and they held me down while one of them was playing Mario on N64 — I think it was N64, and there — well in one of the games you can hatch a baby Yoshi and like hang out with it and ride it and then it like grows up and whatever.

And I loved Baby Yoshi.

And so one brother held me down while the other one kept going to that part in the game, hatching the baby Yoshi, and then running it off a cliff because I found it so distressing. So I was wailing and they were — I don’t know if they were even laughing, they were just — this is what I — they felt like this is what I deserved because I allowed a cat to pee on their video games.

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