“They were looking everywhere for him. Nobody could find him…”

Friday, I was there feeding them and noticed that -- we got a new fish probably three or four weeks ago -- I noticed that I couldn't find that fish. Like he, he was really good at blending in, really good at hiding. Um, you know, there were often times when we would struggle to see him and then have to really look around and then it was like, “Oh yeah, there he is.” Well, I looked and looked and looked and could not find this fish. It was a, a dwarf hawkfish. So kind of like, pinky-white striped, kind of, um, nice. You know, people, people were excited that we'd gotten a new fish and they thought he was kind of cool looking. He was kind of spiky on the top. And, um, so, I had a couple of other staff members come over and look for him to see if I just was, was not seeing something. And then, of course, there were a few patrons that heard us talking about trying to find him, so they were looking everywhere for him. Nobody could find him. So I called the company and I said, "You know, I -- maybe he's just hiding or I don't know how long you wait before you worry like, that something happened or, you know, that -- whatever. Like we, we just can't find him." She said, "Oh, you know, he's probably just hiding. I was just there yesterday. Like, he seemed fine, you know, call us tomorrow if you still can't find him." So I left a note and my colleague, who was working on Saturday, called and -- ‘cause she still couldn't find him -- they said, "Okay. Do you see any remains anywhere? Like can you see any, any bones or, you know, anything that would indicate that he's maybe no longer with us or anything?" Um, and she said, "No, like we don't see anything." And the, and the, um, the fish people said, "Okay, you know, if we're in the area, we'll stop by, but, you know, there's still a really good chance that he's just, he's just hiding and you know, he'll, he'll be -- you'll, you'll see him come out, you know, at some point." Well, it got to be Tuesday, they -- and they never came out. Like, they must not have been in the…

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“That conversation was the last nail in the coffin…”

My brother want[ed] to go to the Asian buffet for his birthday, which was last week. And as we're, you know, talking about this, my mom throws from out of f****** nowhere, "Oh, that place is like 40 or 50 dollars a person now. I don't know if we should go, it's really expensive." And I was like, “The f*** did you get that number from? Like seriously, where did you get that number?” Does not f****** respond to me because of course, she doesn't, because I'm calling her out on her s***. Which you know, she loves to lie and makes s*** up and has, apparently, immunity like a diplomat because no one will call her out on her s*** ever, except me. And now I'm the bad guy. So he -- my brother goes and messages me, "Oh, you know, if she doesn't respond just let it go." Like, I'm sorry do -- are you expecting me to just let her keep lying about stuff and making s*** up all the time and not say anything? "Well, it's not a big deal." It is a big f****** deal and that was the -- right there, that conversation was the last nail in the coffin of me sitting here going, "You know what? I'm not gonna have kids. Um, not on purpose anyway."

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“And I was like, ‘What happens if I don’t eat it, huh?”

One time, I was like really sick, I had to take this like, pill. And I, I cannot swallow pills so my mom crushed it up for me. And so, we went to Starbucks so, and she got me this like, treat or something that I used to love and now I don't like them at all. I don't know why. They were so good. But anyways, um. So I was at -- we, um, got the food -- got the treat from Starbucks. And I was in the backseat at that time ‘cause I was seven. So, um, and my mom looked back. And she was like, “Why haven't you eaten your thingy yet?” And I was like, “I know you put the medicine in here.” And I was like, “What happens if I don't eat it, huh?” And I was really like such a baddie back then. Bro I thought I ate, though. And then, my mom was like, “I'm gonna -- ” I said, I said, “Are you gonna go to jail? Huh?” And she was like, “Yeah. I'm gonna go to jail if you don't eat it.” And so I was like, really scared. I started crying. She got out of the car, it was like an apartment building. She started walking towards it. And I just stuffed the whole thing in my mouth and ate it. And, that was so mean, but whatever. I forgive her now, it was like kind of funny now that I look back at it. But yeah, so that's what happened.

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