“That conversation was the last nail in the coffin…”

My brother want[ed] to go to the Asian buffet for his birthday, which was last week. And as we’re,

you know, talking about this, my mom throws from out of f****** nowhere, “Oh, that place is like 40 or 50 dollars a person now. I don’t know if we should go, it’s really expensive.” And I was like, “The f*** did you get that number from? Like seriously, where did you get that number?” Does not f****** respond to me because of course, she doesn’t, because I’m calling her out on her s***. Which you know, she loves to lie and makes s*** up and has, apparently, immunity like a diplomat because no one will call her out on her s*** ever, except me. And now I’m the bad guy.

So he — my brother goes and messages me, “Oh, you know, if she doesn’t respond just let it go.” Like, I’m sorry do — are you expecting me to just let her keep lying about stuff and making s*** up all the time and not say anything? “Well, it’s not a big deal.” It is a big f****** deal and that was the — right there, that conversation was the last nail in the coffin of me sitting here going, “You know what? I’m not gonna have kids. Um, not on purpose anyway.”

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