“And I was like, ‘What happens if I don’t eat it, huh?”

One time, I was like really sick, I had to take this like, pill. And I, I cannot swallow pills so my mom crushed it up for me. And so, we went to Starbucks so, and she got me this like, treat or something that I used to love and now I don’t like them at all. I don’t know why. They were so good.

But anyways, um. So I was at — we, um, got the food — got the treat from Starbucks. And I was in the backseat at that time ‘cause I was seven. So, um, and my mom looked back. And she was like, “Why haven’t you eaten your thingy yet?” And I was like, “I know you put the medicine in here.” And I was like, “What happens if I don’t eat it, huh?” And I was really like such a baddie back then. Bro I thought I ate, though. And then, my mom was like, “I’m gonna — ” I said, I said, “Are you gonna go to jail? Huh?” And she was like, “Yeah. I’m gonna go to jail if you don’t eat it.” And so I was like, really scared. I started crying. She got out of the car, it was like an apartment building. She started walking towards it. And I just stuffed the whole thing in my mouth and ate it. And, that was so mean, but whatever. I forgive her now, it was like kind of funny now that I look back at it. But yeah, so that’s what happened.

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