“I can’t believe they let him eat all that.”

When my mother died in 2000, my son was 11. And my cousins came, and they said they would take my kids out to eat while we were at the funeral home, doing funeral home stuff. And they took him to an ice cream place, and they let my son have as much ice cream as he wanted. Well, that was a real nice thing to do, but it wasn't a real nice thing later. He didn't throw up, but no one knows why. He has a pretty tough gut. But that was like, horrible. My, my daughter who was with him just kept on saying, "I can't believe they let him eat all that. I can't believe they let him eat all that." Anyway, he has never eaten all that, but he still likes Superman ice cream best.

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“Customers are getting eight copies of this report in their inbox…”

Have you ever pushed send on an email then realized too late that there was a mistake? One time at work, I made this happen in like an automated way that was kind of a mistake. So like the require- --  I work as a software developer. And so, we had a feature that we wanted this certifications report to go out every Monday morning to customers. And so it'd be like a list of their people and their certifications that were expiring soon. And it was just -- they just wanted this report to come to their email inbox every Monday morning. And so I built that, looked good locally, looked good in the staging environment, merged it, deployed it. But then Monday morning rolls around and customers are getting eight copies of this report in their inbox. I'm like, "Oh man. Did not mean to do that." So we were like looking into it, looking into it. We were like, "Okay, I think this is gonna work." And then the next Monday rolls around, customers still getting eight copies of this message in their inbox. And you know, we're -- our Customer Success Team is getting messages about this. They're like, "Hey, I'm getting eight copies, bluh-bluh-bluh-bluh-bluh."Yeah, it lasted for like, three or four weeks before we finally figured out, "Oh, we're running a redundant deployment in production." We have eight copies of our application server running for like a load balancing strategy, sort of. And, uh, yeah. Yeah, each one was sending this email message on a schedule whereas in our staging environment we just have one application server so it sent one email. So yeah, took us like almost a month to realize that. But then once we realized that, you know, we patched it, and it was fine, and it's fine. But, uh, but yeah. Definitely, definitely understandable to send a email that you didn't totally mean to send.

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“My legs were just totally covered in bites.”

Probably the worst experience though that I've had, um, was when I was in Belize. We went on a hike and had a picnic, um, at the top of this h- -- this hill somewhere. I'm like trying to, I'm trying to -- I can picture it in my head and there were sand flies and I -- my -- again, I had capris on and my legs were just totally covered in bites. I mean covered in bites to the point where -- we were with a, um -- we went with Intrepid Tours. So we were with this, this local guide and he looked at my legs and he was like, "Okay. Like this is more than just like a couple of bites. Like we need to -- you need some medical attention." Like he was worried that like there was -- I was having such a reaction to these bites that, you know, something, something was going to happen to me. So I don't remember if he -- I think I had to go to, I think I had to go to the pharmacist because they were like -- these ones were sort of like oozing and pus-y and like they -- this, this is like more than just like itching. There was like some other like bad things going on basically. Um, so I think -- yeah, we did. We totally went to this pharmacist and he gave me this, this cream. And I think maybe I had to take like a pill or something, some sort of anti-inflammatory or I don't know, something -- kind of a pill. And we're in a country where I don't speak the language. I can't read anything that's on, you know, the ingredient list, like I have absolutely no idea what I'm slapping on my legs, what I'm ingesting like just -- I'm trusting that these people, you know, know what they're doing. But I mean, what else am I gonna do, right? So, um, so the, so the guide like the next day, you know -- so I had started to like, kind of, put the stuff on and, you know, the next day the guide was like, "Okay, let me, you know, like let me see what's going on." So I remember -- it was actually my birthday -- and I remember like looking down at my…

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“We were just frozen there cause it stopped and the window unrolled.”

So I was with my friend and we were like walking. Well, it was like -- we had a sleepover. So it was like around like 10 at night. It was like kinda dark out and we brung flashlights and we brung these, like, really pokey pencils we could stab someone with just in case, just in case. And we made this like pepper spray with sriracha and stuff and it was -- bro, it was really weird. So, anyways, um, we made that and then we went outside and then we started walking around and we were on one side of the street. And this one guy was on the other side walking his dog. And then this car slowly pulled up to us. And then, um, and then the car slowly pulled up to us and then um -- we just were frozen there cause it stopped and the window unrolled and then we just ran, so, yeah. I don't know. It was, like, my gut probably because like an angel like, was like, telling my gut to run. So I ran. So that actually saved my life cause who knows what would have happened if me and my friend didn't run.

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