“My legs were just totally covered in bites.”

Probably the worst experience though that I’ve had, um, was when I was in Belize. We went on a hike and had a picnic, um, at the top of this h- — this hill somewhere. I’m like trying to, I’m trying to — I can picture it in my head and there were sand flies and I — my — again, I had capris on and my legs were just totally covered in bites. I mean covered in bites to the point where — we were with a, um — we went with Intrepid Tours. So we were with this, this local guide and he looked at my legs and he was like, “Okay. Like this is more than just like a couple of bites. Like we need to — you need some medical attention.” Like he was worried that like there was — I was having such a reaction to these bites that, you know, something, something was going to happen to me. So I don’t remember if he — I think I had to go to, I think I had to go to the pharmacist because they were like — these ones were sort of like oozing and pus-y and like they — this, this is like more than just like itching. There was like some other like bad things going on basically. Um, so I think — yeah, we did. We totally went to this pharmacist and he gave me this, this cream. And I think maybe I had to take like a pill or something, some sort of anti-inflammatory or I don’t know, something — kind of a pill. And we’re in a country where I don’t speak the language. I can’t read anything that’s on, you know, the ingredient list, like I have absolutely no idea what I’m slapping on my legs, what I’m ingesting like just — I’m trusting that these people, you know, know what they’re doing. But I mean, what else am I gonna do, right?

So, um, so the, so the guide like the next day, you know — so I had started to like, kind of, put the stuff on and, you know, the next day the guide was like, “Okay, let me, you know, like let me see what’s going on.” So I remember — it was actually my birthday — and I remember like looking down at my legs and I have this horrible picture. Like they were so swollen, like they looked like I’d been like, stung by a bee or like something, you know, something — like they were so swollen. My whole like lower part of my legs, like it — I mean I didn’t have a calf. I didn’t have an ankle. Like it was all just one like solid like — ugh, horrifyingly red and irritated and pus filled dots everywhere. It was so bad, and I felt so bad for this guide because it was absolutely disgusting because he was like, “Okay, let me see if I can get some of this on. Let me see if I can do anything with this.” Like I s- — I seriously think he thought like something was gonna happen to me, so he wanted to make sure that like everything you know was, was being done properly, but, um but they eventually, you know, just went away and I mean it’s — yeah but I, I definitely, um definitely react to, to bug bites and stuff.

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