So I was with my friend and we were like walking. Well, it was like — we had a sleepover. So it was like around like 10 at night. It was like kinda dark out and we brung flashlights and we brung these, like, really pokey pencils we could stab someone with just in case, just in case. And we made this like pepper spray with sriracha and stuff and it was — bro, it was really weird. So, anyways, um, we made that and then we went outside and then we started walking around and we were on one side of the street. And this one guy was on the other side walking his dog. And then this car slowly pulled up to us. And then, um, and then the car slowly pulled up to us and then um — we just were frozen there cause it stopped and the window unrolled and then we just ran, so, yeah. I don’t know. It was, like, my gut probably because like an angel like, was like, telling my gut to run. So I ran. So that actually saved my life cause who knows what would have happened if me and my friend didn’t run.