“Why is it raining in the kitchen?”

So we were at my gra- — not my grandparents — my cousin’s house in Iowa and, um, everyone was watching football because it was Sunday afternoon after my, um, uncle had preached at church, Um, so they were all watching football. And this was a couple ye- — um — it was like — I think I was like seven or eight maybe, and my mom gave my little brother — was giving my little brother a bath upstairs. And so she comes back down because something really exciting happened in football and she wanted to see the replay and all that jazz. So my brother’s taking a bath upstairs and he’s like four, does not know what he’s doing. He’s playing with his toys, it’s fine. And I walk over to the kitchen to get — cuz I’m kind of bored out of my mind ‘cause I don’t really like football. I walk to the kitchen to get a glass of water or a snack or something and I immediately say, “Um, why is it raining in the kitchen?” And my uncle and Mom run over and then my mom sprints upstairs and turns the water off to my little brother’s bath and it kind of flooded the whole upstairs and then a bunch of things were happening and it was a whole issue so we had to go, um, down — we had to evacuate the house and call these worker people. And so we ended up going to McDonald’s and these people came and kind of cleaned it up and they didn’t have to like replace it — anything. They just had to like, use this like, special — I don’t know what they had to do. I was little. Um, so it was really cool — not cool, awful. But it was kind of funny, and now, I have that fun story.

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