“We had a grandparents day on Friday”

So we had a grandparents day on Friday. I had three come. Which is a good show. and I went to lunch at — after and we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and that was fun because I like spicy foods a lot. So I get like one of the hotter things on the menu. And I showed them, you know, my grandparents, some of the things that we do in class. They actually did one of the assi- — one of my graded assignments for me, which was kind of funny, um, and feels like cheating. But it was allowed. And then, um, when you don’t have a grandparent, you’re not actually allowed to be in the classroom doing the things. So I just chilled outside of Mr. [Name’s] room for like the whole, um, rest of the time after they left to go chill with my sister.

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