“I just, like, dropped the rod and ran away screaming.”

I have never been hunting, but I have been fishing a total of one time. So. It wasn’t, like, actual fishing, it was fishing at, like, a fishing pond thing. It was like a fishing place where they dump tons of fish into the river to make it easier. So a little bit even extra cheating is that my brother was, uh, under the age of six, so we could fish in the six-and-under pond. 

So I’m fishing in the six-and-under pond, and I am not catching anything at all because I’m just flat out bad at fishing. Like, I was afraid of the fish. So I finally did catch something and I pulled it out really fast and I just, like, dropped the rod and ran away screaming because it was just, like, so scary. The eyes, it was all moving, ugh! And then some, like, random guy walked up to me and is like, “Do you want help with that? I can tell you haven’t done this before.” So I’m like, “Yes, please.” And he helped me, and my mom said thank you to him. And yeah. Never wanna go fishing again. It’s not really my thing.

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