“I just, like, dropped the rod and ran away screaming.”

I have never been hunting, but I have been fishing a total of one time. So. It wasn't, like, actual fishing, it was fishing at, like, a fishing pond thing. It was like a fishing place where they dump tons of fish into the river to make it easier. So a little bit even extra cheating is that my brother was, uh, under the age of six, so we could fish in the six-and-under pond.  So I'm fishing in the six-and-under pond, and I am not catching anything at all because I'm just flat out bad at fishing. Like, I was afraid of the fish. So I finally did catch something and I pulled it out really fast and I just, like, dropped the rod and ran away screaming because it was just, like, so scary. The eyes, it was all moving, ugh! And then some, like, random guy walked up to me and is like, "Do you want help with that? I can tell you haven't done this before." So I'm like, "Yes, please." And he helped me, and my mom said thank you to him. And yeah. Never wanna go fishing again. It's not really my thing.

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“I should have made a stink about it, ’cause tree theft is tree theft.”

In my house in Mililani – I only have a townhouse. Well, we were not allowed to grow trees, fruit trees, in our yard. In the, in the back patio, the enclosed patio of our townhouse. So I got a notice saying, "You're not allowed to do that." So how I get around it is I put it outside the fence, right outside the fence. Just outside the fence. And unfortunately because it was right outside my fence, the neighbor two up – her – and – I think it w- – I – and it wasn't a permanent neighbor, it was just a temporary neighbor a couple hou- – townhouses down came and stole my tree and put it right outside their backyard. I should have made a stink about it, 'cause tree theft is still tree theft. But that – yeah. 'Cause o- o- – um, I had it outside the back and one day it was gone and over a couple of apartments down. That was pretty bad, but they were not a permanent neighbor. That was just – every year new tenants. Not a good landlord. 'Cause they've had a tenant that's – and the tenant that – I mean, I re- – I can't remember if, if it was the tenant with the two boys. I wonder if it was the two boys who stole it, or what? And pla-, planted it over there. But those two boys discovered that the attics of the entire row of townhouses are all connected. And they would – they would go walking through the attics. You could hear the footsteps.

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“A time when someone gave me ‘the talk.'”

A time when someone gave me 'the talk...' I assume we're talking about the sex talk, but maybe I'm way off. My apologies. Um, when I was in sophomore year of high school, my mom sat me down and talked to me about what it is and what I should be doing or not doing and when and, um – in some ways, kinda laughable. It came about because I had a boyfriend and she was worried about what we were gonna be doing, and we were already fooling around. So like, when she's talking about how things work, like, I was well aware.  But my mom had a belief that abstinence was the only option because she was a teen mom. And so instead of talking about how to avoid teen pregnancy via birth control, she talked to me about "You just don't do it" and, like, threatened me a little bit and tried to scare me. So that was kinda how that went down. Uh, not successful. Though I never got pregnant in – as a teenager, it certainly didn't stop me from having those experiences with, with people I was dating. So. Not effective, not effective. Gave me so much to reflect upon when and if I get the chance to talk to a child about that myself.

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“Here I am, not spending $8,000 on a Super Bowl ticket.”

Uh, the headline that stuck out to me this week is the Lions not going to the Super Bowl. 'Cause, really? Really? Um, going for it on fourth when they shoulda kicked the field goal. Turning it over on downs, and then having the 49ers immediately score on the next play – well, series of plays, next possession I guess. Yeah, that was ridiculous. Um. And apparently that was the second fourth down we went on, someone told me.  Just ridiculous. We could have been going to the Super Bowl. I could have been making really bad financial choices this week! But here I am not spending $8,000 on a Super Bowl ticket. And by that, it's $8,600. Realistically did I need to go spend $8,600 to go see the Lions in the Super Bowl? No. Is this possibly the only chance I'm gonna have in my life to do it? Yeah, kind of. Quite likely. Uh, you know, I mean we went – in this cent- – in this century, we've gone 0 and 16 to being, you know, divisional – is this divis- –? Yeah, divisional champs. So anything is possible, really. Maybe next year. Who knows?

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“That was the last time I’ve come anywhere close to fishing or hunting.”

My dad actually had a fishing boat for a little while. Nothing fancy. Just kind of a – I don't know how many people could have even fit in it, you know, maybe four at the most but probably more like two. Uh, I don't remember ever going out fishing with him, but I remember it sitting by the house when he used to go and he used to have fishing poles and tackle boxes and, and all of that in, in the garage.  Um, but I do remember – my grandpa was also a fisherman, my mom's dad. And he used to go on fishing trips up in the UP. And my dad went on a couple of those trips, and even my mom when she was in high school and college, she would go with him sometimes on those trips. I don't know if she actually fished or if she just went along, uh, on the trip. I sh-, I should ask her if she actually fished. But I never went on any of those trips with him.  But my grandparents rented a cottage, um, on Stevens Lake every summer for at least a week. And usually sometime around the Cherry Festival, uh, in, in Traverse City because it was always a time when everybody was trying to avoid all the crowds and the traffic and the – just so many people coming to the city. So they would – they live right – they lived right downtown. So they would notice the influx of people a lot more than, than we did living, you know, six miles out of town and kind of in, in the country. But they would rent this cottage, and it was a no wake lake – small lake up in, up in northern Michigan and the lake – I don't rem- – I'm pretty sure – I don't remember if we had to bring –? I don't think we had to bring a canoe or a boat. I think they had them there that we could use.  So we would sometimes go out fishing on the lake and I remember – and this was when I had already become a vegetarian. And I remember thinking as I was out there fishing – I would never keep any of the fish, but at some point I sort of got the, the idea that…

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