“I should have made a stink about it, ’cause tree theft is tree theft.”

In my house in Mililani – I only have a townhouse. Well, we were not allowed to grow trees, fruit trees, in our yard. In the, in the back patio, the enclosed patio of our townhouse. So I got a notice saying, “You’re not allowed to do that.” So how I get around it is I put it outside the fence, right outside the fence. Just outside the fence. And unfortunately because it was right outside my fence, the neighbor two up – her – and – I think it w- – I – and it wasn’t a permanent neighbor, it was just a temporary neighbor a couple hou- – townhouses down came and stole my tree and put it right outside their backyard. I should have made a stink about it, ’cause tree theft is still tree theft. But that – yeah. ‘Cause o- o- – um, I had it outside the back and one day it was gone and over a couple of apartments down. That was pretty bad, but they were not a permanent neighbor.

That was just – every year new tenants. Not a good landlord. ‘Cause they’ve had a tenant that’s – and the tenant that – I mean, I re- – I can’t remember if, if it was the tenant with the two boys. I wonder if it was the two boys who stole it, or what? And pla-, planted it over there. But those two boys discovered that the attics of the entire row of townhouses are all connected. And they would – they would go walking through the attics. You could hear the footsteps.

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