“Here I am, not spending $8,000 on a Super Bowl ticket.”

Uh, the headline that stuck out to me this week is the Lions not going to the Super Bowl. ‘Cause, really? Really? Um, going for it on fourth when they shoulda kicked the field goal. Turning it over on downs, and then having the 49ers immediately score on the next play – well, series of plays, next possession I guess. Yeah, that was ridiculous. Um. And apparently that was the second fourth down we went on, someone told me. 

Just ridiculous. We could have been going to the Super Bowl. I could have been making really bad financial choices this week! But here I am not spending $8,000 on a Super Bowl ticket. And by that, it’s $8,600. Realistically did I need to go spend $8,600 to go see the Lions in the Super Bowl? No. Is this possibly the only chance I’m gonna have in my life to do it? Yeah, kind of. Quite likely. Uh, you know, I mean we went – in this cent- – in this century, we’ve gone 0 and 16 to being, you know, divisional – is this divis- –? Yeah, divisional champs. So anything is possible, really. Maybe next year. Who knows?

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