“A time when someone gave me ‘the talk.'”

A time when someone gave me ‘the talk…’ I assume we’re talking about the sex talk, but maybe I’m way off. My apologies. Um, when I was in sophomore year of high school, my mom sat me down and talked to me about what it is and what I should be doing or not doing and when and, um – in some ways, kinda laughable. It came about because I had a boyfriend and she was worried about what we were gonna be doing, and we were already fooling around. So like, when she’s talking about how things work, like, I was well aware. 

But my mom had a belief that abstinence was the only option because she was a teen mom. And so instead of talking about how to avoid teen pregnancy via birth control, she talked to me about “You just don’t do it” and, like, threatened me a little bit and tried to scare me. So that was kinda how that went down. Uh, not successful. Though I never got pregnant in – as a teenager, it certainly didn’t stop me from having those experiences with, with people I was dating. So. Not effective, not effective. Gave me so much to reflect upon when and if I get the chance to talk to a child about that myself.

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