“Instead of like, Oma and Opa, I say Pake and Beppe.”

Yesterday I was not feeling well, so I stayed home. My mom and dad got back, though and I was like, “Yes! Yes!” Oh, yesterday, my Beppe — my — I call her Beppe, it’s Grandma. It’s another way of saying it, instead of like, Oma and Opa, I say Pake and Beppe. It’s another Dutch way to say Grandpa and Grandma, okay? But yesterday, I was downstairs in the basement, and my Beppe, she was gonna go and go to the store and get some stuff for something. So yeah, then she asked me what I wanted, like what kind of fun drink or what, like, something else. And I said I wanted Fan- — orange Fanta. And she asked me what candy or treat I would like, and I said Reese’s. I love both of them.

She got me three egg Reese’s and you know those tiny cans? She got me a pack of those. Fanta. I drank three yesterday and they’re still underneath my bed. And I’m like, I’m gonna drink one later probably. My, my, my siblings don’t know. They don’t know. I ate the last Reese’s before they came.

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