“I was just like buried in the snow.”

Have you ever played in the snow yet this year? What did you do? So yeah, I did. I played in the snow this year. Only once because we haven't really had snow that much. Yeah, so I went outside and actually, we buried my sister and then my sisters buried me, and I was just -- it was funny, you know? I was just like buried in the snow, like literally, they buried my neck down and I asked them, "Hey, can you get my phone and take a video, or a slow-mo video and some pictures?" And so I did that, it was pretty funny and I'll say that. It was pretty funny. Just looking at the pictures and being like, "I'm in that? My head looks so small compared to like that big glob of snow." So yeah, that -- I did play in the snow this year and it was really, really fun experience.

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“The difference between glad and happy…”

And the difference between glad and happy, I kind of like -- happy sort is like a bit excited maybe or feeling like really in the mood for something. And being glad means you're not just happy, but it means you're happy about something else, sort of. Sometimes I can feel like maybe on Christmas, I feel glad for presents maybe. And I might feel a bit glad for like... Hmm. Maybe well, I don't really know what else to be glad, but like happy, to me, sort of feels like maybe like, so like happy would be like, excited like "yes, let's do this, yeah!" Like that sort of.

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“There was this pink worn-out teddy bear.”

Have you ever found something important that someone else lost, like a wallet or a phone? Where were you? What did you do? So I have a very interesting story about this. So I remember I was at the hospital, I think it was right before the pandemic because I think one of our family friends had a baby. And so we went to go visit the baby, and so I remember we were walking out of the hospital and there was this, like, pink worn-out teddy bear with like button eyes on the ground in the middle of the hallway. And so, I picked it up and I was like -- I just went over to the receptionist and I asked her if she knew who it belonged to, you know, if she could give it to somebody. And so she said that she found out that it belonged to a baby girl who passed away earlier that day and that I could keep it or throw it out. And I wasn't about to do that because from how worn out it was I could tell that it was very important to the baby girl and probably her family as well, right? So I asked if she could give it to the family and she said I should ask the doctor. So I went to her doctor and then I asked him and he gave it to the family a few days later and then he emailed my mom and he told me that they thanked me for giving them something to remind them of their daughter. So that was a very heartwarming story and I'm glad that I could help that family.

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“It’s a time to chill out…”

Let's see, things I'm grateful for this week. Just the passing of time in winter, at least right now. I've been trying to make sure to give myself a little bit of forgiveness that, you know, biologically humans are not supposed to be crazy busy and active in the winter times, like it's a time to chill out, you know, conserve your resources, bond with the people that you love, and relax a little. So, you know, in modern day, it can't be exactly like that, but kind of. You know, I've been trying to make a point to just like not be too hard on myself. I don't have to get everything done. You know yesterday the big to-do was I reorganized my pantry and made some homemade rolls and soup. And yeah, so just kind of grateful for like the coziness that this time of year offers.

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“…it makes it easier for you to have better, stronger relationships.”

If you know your love language, you know, your partner's or your children's like it makes it easier for you to have better, stronger relationships, and I've read the book years ago. And I apply it in more than just like my romantic relationships. I think Love Languages matter for the people I work with and have always helped me maintain really good working relationships with people because if I have a colleague that I know Words of Affirmation is how they feel the most appreciated, then I'm gonna make a point, you know, not overdo it, but when they really do something out of the park, I want to make sure they know and I wanna commemorate it with a card or a Post-It note or something tangible. Because for a lot of Words of Affirmation people, it's beyond verbal. The written word is also very important. My husband is an Acts of Service and Quality Time person. I would say he's slightly over on Acts of Service. Then I also am Acts of Service. I used to be Words of Affirmation, now it makes me uncomfortable. I think as we grow, things get a little, I don't know why I feel that way. But in college, I was all about the Words of Affirmation but now Acts of Service. So when my husband made sure that the garage is cleared for me to park in there before the snow hits like he did this year, I felt really good. I came home last weekend, I had to, what was I doing? I had some sort of commitment, and when I got home, he had put up the Christmas tree, and I didn't think he was going to, because one, we usually do it together, but also, like he was so geeked about watching Michigan State football that time and he put it up. And so that's how I felt loved and appreciated because I decorated the house the night before while he was hanging out with friends.

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