“There was this pink worn-out teddy bear.”

Have you ever found something important that someone else lost, like a wallet or a phone? Where were you? What did you do? So I have a very interesting story about this. So I remember I was at the hospital, I think it was right before the pandemic because I think one of our family friends had a baby. And so we went to go visit the baby, and so I remember we were walking out of the hospital and there was this, like, pink worn-out teddy bear with like button eyes on the ground in the middle of the hallway. And so, I picked it up and I was like — I just went over to the receptionist and I asked her if she knew who it belonged to, you know, if she could give it to somebody. And so she said that she found out that it belonged to a baby girl who passed away earlier that day and that I could keep it or throw it out. And I wasn’t about to do that because from how worn out it was I could tell that it was very important to the baby girl and probably her family as well, right? So I asked if she could give it to the family and she said I should ask the doctor. So I went to her doctor and then I asked him and he gave it to the family a few days later and then he emailed my mom and he told me that they thanked me for giving them something to remind them of their daughter. So that was a very heartwarming story and I’m glad that I could help that family.

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