“I was just like buried in the snow.”

Have you ever played in the snow yet this year? What did you do? So yeah, I did. I played in the snow this year. Only once because we haven’t really had snow that much. Yeah, so I went outside and actually, we buried my sister and then my sisters buried me, and I was just — it was funny, you know? I was just like buried in the snow, like literally, they buried my neck down and I asked them, “Hey, can you get my phone and take a video, or a slow-mo video and some pictures?” And so I did that, it was pretty funny and I’ll say that. It was pretty funny. Just looking at the pictures and being like, “I’m in that? My head looks so small compared to like that big glob of snow.” So yeah, that — I did play in the snow this year and it was really, really fun experience.

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