“I’m skillful uncoordinated”

So describe how you've been the butt of jokes. No, me being like X and being klutzy all the time and just dumb in general. Did your gym teacher have an interesting compliment for you? Recently? Skillfully uncoordinated. Why was your gym teacher calling you skillfully uncoordinated? Mainly, because we're playing volleyball and everybody in my family knows, Me and one of my brothers are very uncoordinated like insanely uncoordinated. Okay? Continue. And so lots of times I will hit the ball not in our court, but - why'd I say it like that? like they're super far away hit somebody or something like that and it looks like trick shots except for it's completely by accident and it usually ends up in somebody getting hurt. Are they hurt very bad? No, it's just like getting bumped on the head by a ball. So has you get gym teacher told you to try out for any sports or just to stay away? He told me that I would probably possibly do good at Basketball when I first started and then just kind of said, stay away cuz you will probably hurt someone. Why did he think you'd be good in basketball? Can you say that louder? Cuz I'm tall, not really though but taller than most girls in my class. Okay. so at one point he thought you were going to be a great basketball player and then he since decided be just needs to keep the class safe from you. Yes. Skillfully uncoordinated. Skillfully uncoordinated, Okay.

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“I’m not going to ride the skateboard back to house.”

The second time is a part that no one in my family knows about cuz I was too embarrassed to tell them. So I skateboarded a bit ago like I haven't been doing it recently, because my skateboarding shoes aren't... are just annoying to wear and I don't want to, you know, I can't use my normal shoes or they'll get scratched up. So, It was like around the summer. I was doing quite well, I kept like, I couldn't ollie or anything, but I was able to, like, tic-tac, I could turn decently well. I liked going fast. I could ride on one foot. You know, it was great. And then, I guess, so it's for context, there's two types of skateboards I have, the normal one and then there's a longboard. Basically, a longboard is a bigger version of a skateboard. It has- it can go like faster, I believe, and it's harder to slow down though. It's like heavier and its wheels are softer, so it can go over rough surfaces very smoothly and quickly. So, one day I was like, feeling overly cocky and confident because, you know, I was doing well, so I decided to take off half of my gear, I wasn't wearing a helmet and I wasn't wearing a- I don't know- any armor, I forgot the right term on my knee on my right knee, or my right elbow. I was wearing on my left and knee and left elbow. So yeah, and so I decided to go to the top of the bridge. So basically we have like this long stretch of land. There's like this concrete bridge that goes over a slow stream and it's not a very steep but it's long and this downward. So I decided to go on my longboard and ride down that. Halfway there I started shaking. These are called like little speed wobbles. I don't really know why me because like way too much friction between like the... I don't know all the terminology but like the metal part of the wheels. And then I started shaking and I was like, oh God, I just I don't know what to do. So I decide to like a jump off. Not jump off. I ended up falling off and I end up scratching my side, my right knee and my arm. So yeah, and then…

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“Shut down the very next day and it didn’t open for another two years.”

I'm grateful for the announcement that my gym is reopening on March 28th. In about two weeks. It's been officially over two years since my gym has been opened and I remember the very last moment I was there. I thought it was right as COVID-19 kind of going through its big arrival. And there was a lot of unknowns of what was going to happen, were we going to have to shut things down, what's going on, and I remember leaving the gym that night and the person who ran the gym was there as I exited and I just asked her real quick. I was like, "so, you think if you guys are gonna have to shut down because of this covid thing?" And super casually she just kind of looked up and was like, "Nah, I don't think so." That was two years ago. It shut down the very next day and it didn't open for another two years. And I understand I could probably have found another gym at some point during this whole stretch off. It's a little bit tougher in my area. Plus, gyms didn't seem like such a great idea when covid was hitting super hard. So I was kind of just holding out hope for it to open back up at some point. It's also extremely affordable compared to most other gyms. I was just holding out hope and trying to make do at home and I don't know I know my workouts can go further I can always find different derivations at home inside you just get to a point where you are done and you need a different venue. I can only do so many things with my 25 lb dumbbells, and feel like I'm really doing it. So, yeah, I'm super excited to actually get back in there and start throwing weights around and maybe -there's even a basketball court. Maybe play indoor basketball for the first time since two thousand- early two thousand twenty which that'd be another big moment for me.

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“I didn’t have any and I needed it as a prop for my video”

I have a couple of interesting programs going on at the library this week and I'm actually filming a segment for this internet show that it's sort of an odd thing, It's, it's a kids show that they show on our Facebook page at the library but then it also airs on PBS, and they've asked me to do a segment for it, that I'm filming. Luckily, I don't have to do it live, which the show itself is live, but they add in pre-recorded pieces to that show. So I'm filming a segment about sand and I have absolutely no idea. What I'm going to do. It's designed for like two to six-year-olds. So I have to come up with like two or three minutes worth of of material, basically abouts and that, these two to six-year-olds can relate to. So, I actually, today after work, I drove down to the beach and picked up some sand because I didn't have any and needed it as a prop for my for my video here. And then I'm thinking is it illegal to pick up sand from a beach? A public beach. I have no idea. I probably should have looked that up before I went to this beach and did this. It was like eight small scoop-fulls, you know, shovel-fulls that I put into this small bucket and I probably you know, I'm thinking, you know, national parks, you can't take things out of national parks. There's all kinds of rules about things and I didn't even think of it until I'm kind of driving away going, oh man maybe I wasn't supposed to do that. Maybe there's some I should really look up to see if there's some sort of a a rule about that. I was just so thrilled that the snow that we got last night had not covered up the sand on the beach that I went to.

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