“I’m not going to ride the skateboard back to house.”

The second time is a part that no one in my family knows about cuz I was too embarrassed to tell them. So I skateboarded a bit ago like I haven’t been doing it recently, because my skateboarding shoes aren’t… are just annoying to wear and I don’t want to, you know, I can’t use my normal shoes or they’ll get scratched up. So, It was like around the summer. I was doing quite well, I kept like, I couldn’t ollie or anything, but I was able to, like, tic-tac, I could turn decently well. I liked going fast. I could ride on one foot. You know, it was great. And then, I guess, so it’s for context, there’s two types of skateboards I have, the normal one and then there’s a longboard. Basically, a longboard is a bigger version of a skateboard. It has- it can go like faster, I believe, and it’s harder to slow down though. It’s like heavier and its wheels are softer, so it can go over rough surfaces very smoothly and quickly. So, one day I was like, feeling overly cocky and confident because, you know, I was doing well, so I decided to take off half of my gear, I wasn’t wearing a helmet and I wasn’t wearing a- I don’t know- any armor, I forgot the right term on my knee on my right knee, or my right elbow. I was wearing on my left and knee and left elbow. So yeah, and so I decided to go to the top of the bridge. So basically we have like this long stretch of land. There’s like this concrete bridge that goes over a slow stream and it’s not a very steep but it’s long and this downward. So I decided to go on my longboard and ride down that. Halfway there I started shaking. These are called like little speed wobbles. I don’t really know why me because like way too much friction between like the… I don’t know all the terminology but like the metal part of the wheels. And then I started shaking and I was like, oh God, I just I don’t know what to do. So I decide to like a jump off. Not jump off. I ended up falling off and I end up scratching my side, my right knee and my arm. So yeah, and then I was like, oh, I’m not going to ride the skateboard back to house. After I assess the damage. Admittedly it was kind of bad. Like I don’t have any scars anymore, except my knee. There’s like some unevenness. I guess it’s not like a little smooth incline. Yeah, there’s like some bumps in the skin isn’t like completely the same as the rest of my being so oops permanent damage. So I took my skateboard decided to walk back all the way to my house, and I snuck in without anyone noticing a thing. And I was wearing long sleeves that day. So I guess the damage was not as bad as it could have been there weren’t any rock stuck inside. So that’s good. And yeah, I put on bandages by myself. Nobody knew a thing.

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