“Shut down the very next day and it didn’t open for another two years.”

I’m grateful for the announcement that my gym is reopening on March 28th. In about two weeks. It’s been officially over two years since my gym has been opened and I remember the very last moment I was there. I thought it was right as COVID-19 kind of going through its big arrival. And there was a lot of unknowns of what was going to happen, were we going to have to shut things down, what’s going on, and I remember leaving the gym that night and the person who ran the gym was there as I exited and I just asked her real quick. I was like, “so, you think if you guys are gonna have to shut down because of this covid thing?” And super casually she just kind of looked up and was like, “Nah, I don’t think so.” That was two years ago. It shut down the very next day and it didn’t open for another two years. And I understand I could probably have found another gym at some point during this whole stretch off. It’s a little bit tougher in my area. Plus, gyms didn’t seem like such a great idea when covid was hitting super hard. So I was kind of just holding out hope for it to open back up at some point. It’s also extremely affordable compared to most other gyms. I was just holding out hope and trying to make do at home and I don’t know I know my workouts can go further I can always find different derivations at home inside you just get to a point where you are done and you need a different venue. I can only do so many things with my 25 lb dumbbells, and feel like I’m really doing it. So, yeah, I’m super excited to actually get back in there and start throwing weights around and maybe -there’s even a basketball court. Maybe play indoor basketball for the first time since two thousand- early two thousand twenty which that’d be another big moment for me.

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