“I’m skillful uncoordinated”

So describe how you’ve been the butt of jokes.

No, me being like X and being klutzy all the time and just dumb in general.

Did your gym teacher have an interesting compliment for you? Recently?

Skillfully uncoordinated.

Why was your gym teacher calling you skillfully uncoordinated?

Mainly, because we’re playing volleyball and everybody in my family knows, Me and one of my brothers are very uncoordinated like insanely uncoordinated. Okay?


And so lots of times I will hit the ball not in our court, but – why’d I say it like that? like they’re super far away hit somebody or something like that and it looks like trick shots except for it’s completely by accident and it usually ends up in somebody getting hurt.

Are they hurt very bad?

No, it’s just like getting bumped on the head by a ball.

So has you get gym teacher told you to try out for any sports or just to stay away?

He told me that I would probably possibly do good at Basketball when I first started and then just kind of said, stay away cuz you will probably hurt someone.

Why did he think you’d be good in basketball? Can you say that louder?

Cuz I’m tall, not really though but taller than most girls in my class.

Okay. so at one point he thought you were going to be a great basketball player and then he since decided be just needs to keep the class safe from you.

Yes. Skillfully uncoordinated.

Skillfully uncoordinated, Okay.

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