“My final answer is definitely two extra arms.”

"Would you rather have a third eye or two extra arms?" These are kind of cool because, either way, you look like a Hindu god. You know, third eye, two extra arms. Wow. Third eye I'm guessing it's like in a physical sense rather than like the spiritual awakening, like if that was what it meant by third eye then I would choose that for sure, like I would know all the knowledge of the universe. I would get into Harvard man. So, yeah, third eye is pretty sweet. But like in real life... Thing is, I have glasses. What kind of glasses am I gonna wear if I have a third eye, man? Contacts in the one little one that's alone? Additionally, do they make clothes for four-armed people? I don't think so. So, it might be a lot less convenient to have two extra arms. Though, it could be helpful. Third eye though, a lot of people look at your face and they see a third eye, they're just gonna think you're a creep. And I feel like there's - there might be less benefits to a third eye. Because like with two extra arms, you can hold stuff more, you can hug yourself and make yourself warm while doing something outside in the cold, you know? You could paint and write at the same time. Whoa. You can type stuff and do homework. Amazing. Like I would just be writing my math homework with my normal right hand, use my second right hand to like type my history homework. Well, I don't think I can multi-task like that actually because I don't have two brains, I just have two - or an extra pair of arms, you know? So mmm, I feel like I'd say - Oh, I don't know, maybe two extra arms because it's more muscle in your body, therefore you need more energy, but I'm probably gonna be eating the same amount of food. So would that make me like distribute my fat more and become leaner? Cause then imagine like the bodybuilding competitions you can go to and then you're just flexing four arms. That'd look so cool. But then you don't have any clothes because who the heck makes clothes for four-armed people? I am thinking too deep into this. But yeah, my final answer is definitely two extra arms. It would be…

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“My group wasn’t saying anything until a few days before it was due.”

Another funny little story, that isn't really not being prepared, but it was me almost actually doing too much, was one of the first presentations I had to do in American Literature this year, was regarding Born a Crime and we had to give a presentation about a couple specific chapters. And my group just wasn't saying anything until a few days before it was due. So then I just decided I'd do the whole thing because I was free and had the time to do that. So, I just went up and did the whole entire presentation, and then it wasn't too bad. We ended up getting a pretty good grade on it and I was happy, and they were happy, but the lesson learned in that was I don't have to do the whole entire presentation and I should just try to get my group members more involved.

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“I’m really grateful for the ability to vote.”

"Is there anything that I'm feeling especially grateful for?" I am really grateful for the ability to vote. So November 7th is our upcoming election and although I have not been very grateful for all of the just numerous flyers I've gotten to my house, also texts to my phone. So that's been tedious this season, but generally just having the opportunity and right to vote is really exciting. I did a training last week around voting and was working with some people or talking with some people that work with the refugee community, and they talked a lot about how they spend their time trying to educate people on, you know, are they allowed to vote? What is the purpose of voting? Who does it benefit? And so many of them are not used to safe elections or the option to go without there being folks with automatic weapons or, you know, it's just not a safe space always, and so that was a really nice reminder that we're very fortunate in this country that we're allowed to vote and that we can safely do so most of the time.

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“There was a fire in the building.”

But in addition to that happening, there was a fire in the building. In my building, basically. So I'm in an apartment complex that has four units that are connected to each other in a separate building, and then another four in another building. So, two of the buildings or two of the apartments, mine included, face the street. So we're kind of right next to each other, and then in two apartments behind us. They face the parking lot that's in the back. Well, the fire was at the apartments in the back. So luckily, you know, the fire was not at my apartment. There's no fire damage. They didn't have to, you know, spray anything, you know, no water damage in my apartment or chemicals, anything like that, and luckily everybody in the other two apartments was okay. You know, no injuries or anything like that, but definitely a lot of damage to their two apartments and the smoke, you know, came over into mine. They had to turn the electricity, the heat off, in the entire building so I had to move out. Which has kind of - luckily, I have a place to go and I am safe and all of that, but it's really sort of been disruptive. And having been in my apartment so little in the past month, I just I sort of really feel displaced. You know, really feel like I haven't, like I kind of don't have a home in a way which is kind of a weird thing. I felt like I - earlier this week even before this happened I kind of felt a little like I was homesick, I guess, which is kind of strange. But I didn't really feel - like I hadn't really gotten settled in in my place yet. And then this happened and now I really am not settled there. So I'm not sure what's gonna happen. There's still a bunch of investigators, you know, going through to figure out what the cause was and to figure out if there's any real structural damage, if it's safe to turn the electricity back on, if there needs to be some obvious repair to the other apartments, but to mine, I'm not sure what they're gonna do. So it's sort of a waiting game basically right now and like I said, I'm lucky that I have…

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“A student that I had… gave me a note.”

Note: Some language has been edited out of the transcript that is not edited out in the audio When I'm approaching those deep, deep lows of "Is this where I want to - is this where I see myself for an extended period of time?" So soon after I have those thoughts of "Am I a good teacher? Do I belong in teaching? is teaching something that can sustain - do I want to sustain it? Is this where I belong?" Something happens and it's like holy s****. Ok. This isn't a coincidence that this thing just happened right now. One example is there was one morning last year, I think it was maybe December or January. It was in winter. It was a cold winter month in Michigan. I'm driving across M-69. And I did start crying because I just, I just wasn't excited about going to work that day and I hadn't been for a little bit, and I continually had these thoughts of like I was saying, like again, just - "Is this really what I want for myself? Is this, is this me?" Whatever. That morning after crying on the drive in to work that day, a student that I had during my subbing position, so from January of 21 to June of 21, gave me a note that she had typed, but she'd typed it out. And it was just one of the sweetest things and I don't remember some of the specifics. I remember some of the specifics, but I don't remember all of them, but I remember I read that. I read that before class then, before school started that day and again started crying, but for, you know, a totally opposite reason.

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