“I’m really grateful for the ability to vote.”

“Is there anything that I’m feeling especially grateful for?” I am really grateful for the ability to vote. So November 7th is our upcoming election and although I have not been very grateful for all of the just numerous flyers I’ve gotten to my house, also texts to my phone. So that’s been tedious this season, but generally just having the opportunity and right to vote is really exciting. I did a training last week around voting and was working with some people or talking with some people that work with the refugee community, and they talked a lot about how they spend their time trying to educate people on, you know, are they allowed to vote? What is the purpose of voting? Who does it benefit? And so many of them are not used to safe elections or the option to go without there being folks with automatic weapons or, you know, it’s just not a safe space always, and so that was a really nice reminder that we’re very fortunate in this country that we’re allowed to vote and that we can safely do so most of the time.

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