“A student that I had… gave me a note.”

Note: Some language has been edited out of the transcript that is not edited out in the audio

When I’m approaching those deep, deep lows of “Is this where I want to – is this where I see myself for an extended period of time?” So soon after I have those thoughts of “Am I a good teacher? Do I belong in teaching? is teaching something that can sustain – do I want to sustain it? Is this where I belong?” Something happens and it’s like holy s****. Ok. This isn’t a coincidence that this thing just happened right now. One example is there was one morning last year, I think it was maybe December or January. It was in winter. It was a cold winter month in Michigan. I’m driving across M-69. And I did start crying because I just, I just wasn’t excited about going to work that day and I hadn’t been for a little bit, and I continually had these thoughts of like I was saying, like again, just – “Is this really what I want for myself? Is this, is this me?” Whatever. That morning after crying on the drive in to work that day, a student that I had during my subbing position, so from January of 21 to June of 21, gave me a note that she had typed, but she’d typed it out. And it was just one of the sweetest things and I don’t remember some of the specifics. I remember some of the specifics, but I don’t remember all of them, but I remember I read that. I read that before class then, before school started that day and again started crying, but for, you know, a totally opposite reason.

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