“There was a fire in the building.”

But in addition to that happening, there was a fire in the building. In my building, basically. So I’m in an apartment complex that has four units that are connected to each other in a separate building, and then another four in another building. So, two of the buildings or two of the apartments, mine included, face the street. So we’re kind of right next to each other, and then in two apartments behind us. They face the parking lot that’s in the back. Well, the fire was at the apartments in the back. So luckily, you know, the fire was not at my apartment. There’s no fire damage. They didn’t have to, you know, spray anything, you know, no water damage in my apartment or chemicals, anything like that, and luckily everybody in the other two apartments was okay. You know, no injuries or anything like that, but definitely a lot of damage to their two apartments and the smoke, you know, came over into mine. They had to turn the electricity, the heat off, in the entire building so I had to move out. Which has kind of – luckily, I have a place to go and I am safe and all of that, but it’s really sort of been disruptive. And having been in my apartment so little in the past month, I just I sort of really feel displaced. You know, really feel like I haven’t, like I kind of don’t have a home in a way which is kind of a weird thing. I felt like I – earlier this week even before this happened I kind of felt a little like I was homesick, I guess, which is kind of strange. But I didn’t really feel – like I hadn’t really gotten settled in in my place yet. And then this happened and now I really am not settled there. So I’m not sure what’s gonna happen. There’s still a bunch of investigators, you know, going through to figure out what the cause was and to figure out if there’s any real structural damage, if it’s safe to turn the electricity back on, if there needs to be some obvious repair to the other apartments, but to mine, I’m not sure what they’re gonna do. So it’s sort of a waiting game basically right now and like I said, I’m lucky that I have a place to stay here and that I can, you know, still get to work and I’m still able able to kind of lead a semi-normal life here. But it is odd to to be living now in a hotel. Which again, I did have a job where I lived in a hotel before, which is kind of this is like a little bit of flashbacks to that time. But yeah, so I’m just trying to be patient. I feel like every phone call I make, every email I send, it’s just a waiting game for somebody to get back to me about something.

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