“My final answer is definitely two extra arms.”

“Would you rather have a third eye or two extra arms?” These are kind of cool because, either way, you look like a Hindu god. You know, third eye, two extra arms. Wow. Third eye I’m guessing it’s like in a physical sense rather than like the spiritual awakening, like if that was what it meant by third eye then I would choose that for sure, like I would know all the knowledge of the universe. I would get into Harvard man. So, yeah, third eye is pretty sweet. But like in real life… Thing is, I have glasses. What kind of glasses am I gonna wear if I have a third eye, man? Contacts in the one little one that’s alone? Additionally, do they make clothes for four-armed people? I don’t think so. So, it might be a lot less convenient to have two extra arms. Though, it could be helpful. Third eye though, a lot of people look at your face and they see a third eye, they’re just gonna think you’re a creep. And I feel like there’s – there might be less benefits to a third eye. Because like with two extra arms, you can hold stuff more, you can hug yourself and make yourself warm while doing something outside in the cold, you know? You could paint and write at the same time. Whoa. You can type stuff and do homework. Amazing. Like I would just be writing my math homework with my normal right hand, use my second right hand to like type my history homework. Well, I don’t think I can multi-task like that actually because I don’t have two brains, I just have two – or an extra pair of arms, you know? So mmm, I feel like I’d say – Oh, I don’t know, maybe two extra arms because it’s more muscle in your body, therefore you need more energy, but I’m probably gonna be eating the same amount of food. So would that make me like distribute my fat more and become leaner? Cause then imagine like the bodybuilding competitions you can go to and then you’re just flexing four arms. That’d look so cool. But then you don’t have any clothes because who the heck makes clothes for four-armed people? I am thinking too deep into this. But yeah, my final answer is definitely two extra arms. It would be pretty sweet.

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