“How dare I be in his recliner? That was his chair.”

"Laughter's been helping a lot. Last night I'm sitting in the recliner. Now, mind you, the recliner -- we just rewashed the cover because when we bought this cover for the recliner, it became Tux's chair. And then we put a blanket on it, and the blanket became Tux's blanket. And so we've been washing things 'cause it's, you know, reached that point. Things need to be washed. And so I'm sitting in the recliner last night. My husband says to me, "You know he'd be so pissed right now." And even though we're so sad, like, he would. How dare I be in his recliner? That was his chair. No one else could sit there. We'd have family over and everyone would just steer clear because he was sitting there. And you could not sit in it. So, made things a little frustrating I guess in some ways, but he was such a character. I miss him so much."

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“A squirrel is the weed of the animal kingdom.”

So, all this discussion of weeds makes me think about squirrels, because I actually really like squirrels and I know that some people think of them as a pest or a nuisance. And I recently -- um, well, my birthday present to myself was purchasing a bird feeder that has a camera in it. It takes videos of, um, any creature that lands on it, like a bird that, that lands and it has, then it has -- goes back to some database and identifies the bird and then like notifies me, the bird feeder owner, that there's been a visitor and I can like, you know, look at the, look at the video and, you know, pick which still shots I want to keep, if I want to keep any of them and so on. So I was off to a slow start first couple of days. I don't know, the birds didn't know about it or I didn't have the right seed in there and nobody came. Finally, I started getting some finches and a cardinal and, um, I kind of changed up the food a little bit. And then, voil√†, after about a week I had my first squirrel visit. And, um, you know, some people hate when squirrels get into their bird feeders. I like squirrels, so I really don't mind. But, um, just today -- like, now the squirrel is like, seeing this little bird feeder as like -- as a true, reliable source of snacking. And I just opened the app recently 'cause I got a little notification, "Oh, you've had visitors!" And I looked and it has, you know, like this sort of set of cards, it's like a postcard every time it has a critter -- I should say bird, visits. And it was like, "27 minutes ago, squirrel. 23 minutes ago, squirrel. 18 minutes ago, squirrel." I mean it was like a stack of like, like 10 cards, of like squirrel, squirrel, squirrel, squirrel, squirrel. And I just had to laugh because that, I mean, that's like such a -- that is the perfect, um, outline of, you know, most people's experience with squirrels with their bird feeder. Once they find it, like you're really in for it. Now, I will say, also, when I went, when I went through all those cards, because a black-capped chickadee was also a visitor,…

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“My grandma spilled hot tea all over me.”

Today, I will be talking about a time that my grandma spilled hot tea all over me. So I was about one, and my grandma was babysitting me. My mom and dad were at work and I was over at her house, and she set her coffee down on -- well, her tea on a coffee table. So I was like just a baby, so I was just kind of crawling around and I hit it over onto me. And it spilled all over my stomach and chest and I got burnt. And it was, um -- then I had to go to the doctor. They had to put like a cooling rag all over my chest and stuff. And then, I had to get like a full body cast, pretty much, on my stomach and I had to stay at the hospital for like four days, just to make sure I would be fine. Then I came back home. There was -- uh, what was it? There was a bunch of people there with like gifts and stuff. My grandma thought it was her fault, but it wasn't. And she got us gifts. We got gifts and stuff, and then they all left. And that night I fell on my bed onto my stomach and it hurt a lot. So I had to go back to the hospital because my parents thought something was wrong, but it turns out I just fell on it and it didn't do anything. So we had to come back and other than that not much. After that, it just kind of slowly healed up. And I was fine, I think.

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“But the remote died and she started running after the car.”

"One time, Zoe, our dog, decided on Super Bowl night -- we were gonna let her out, and I let her out. And all of a sudden the car next door -- our neighbors, um, they're -- they had friends over, and one of the friends had like their toddler sleeping, so they were gonna go home. And the car started going. And she -- and Zoe doesn't have an electric fence or anything in the past. So um, it's very like, "Whatever, you can go outside without a leash." Like she knew that she couldn't go out of the yard, because we had like a collar, but we had like a remote to it. But the remote died and she started running after the car. And she ran -- the car -- she like almost got run over. She was like behind the car, chasing after it. And of course this was at like 10:45 at night when the halftime show was on. And, all of a sudden, like, she took off. And I was in my pajamas of course because I was dead tired. So I had to get on my bike barefoot and then I -- barefoot and I had to run after her, and she went like halfway through our neighborhood, almost onto the main road. And so I chased her on my bike. And she would not go back with me when I was on my bike. So I had to leave my bike in the middle of the road and walk her back."

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