“But the remote died and she started running after the car.”

“One time, Zoe, our dog, decided on Super Bowl night — we were gonna let her out, and I let her out. And all of a sudden the car next door — our neighbors, um, they’re — they had friends over, and one of the friends had like their toddler sleeping, so they were gonna go home. And the car started going. And she — and Zoe doesn’t have an electric fence or anything in the past. So um, it’s very like, “Whatever, you can go outside without a leash.” Like she knew that she couldn’t go out of the yard, because we had like a collar, but we had like a remote to it. But the remote died and she started running after the car. And she ran — the car — she like almost got run over. She was like behind the car, chasing after it. And of course this was at like 10:45 at night when the halftime show was on. And, all of a sudden, like, she took off. And I was in my pajamas of course because I was dead tired. So I had to get on my bike barefoot and then I — barefoot and I had to run after her, and she went like halfway through our neighborhood, almost onto the main road. And so I chased her on my bike. And she would not go back with me when I was on my bike. So I had to leave my bike in the middle of the road and walk her back.”

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