“How dare I be in his recliner? That was his chair.”

“Laughter’s been helping a lot. Last night I’m sitting in the recliner. Now, mind you, the recliner — we just rewashed the cover because when we bought this cover for the recliner, it became Tux’s chair. And then we put a blanket on it, and the blanket became Tux’s blanket. And so we’ve been washing things ’cause it’s, you know, reached that point. Things need to be washed. And so I’m sitting in the recliner last night. My husband says to me, “You know he’d be so pissed right now.” And even though we’re so sad, like, he would. How dare I be in his recliner? That was his chair. No one else could sit there. We’d have family over and everyone would just steer clear because he was sitting there. And you could not sit in it. So, made things a little frustrating I guess in some ways, but he was such a character. I miss him so much.”

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