“My grandma spilled hot tea all over me.”

Today, I will be talking about a time that my grandma spilled hot tea all over me. So I was about one, and my grandma was babysitting me. My mom and dad were at work and I was over at her house, and she set her coffee down on — well, her tea on a coffee table. So I was like just a baby, so I was just kind of crawling around and I hit it over onto me. And it spilled all over my stomach and chest and I got burnt. And it was, um — then I had to go to the doctor. They had to put like a cooling rag all over my chest and stuff. And then, I had to get like a full body cast, pretty much, on my stomach and I had to stay at the hospital for like four days, just to make sure I would be fine. Then I came back home. There was — uh, what was it? There was a bunch of people there with like gifts and stuff. My grandma thought it was her fault, but it wasn’t. And she got us gifts. We got gifts and stuff, and then they all left. And that night I fell on my bed onto my stomach and it hurt a lot. So I had to go back to the hospital because my parents thought something was wrong, but it turns out I just fell on it and it didn’t do anything. So we had to come back and other than that not much. After that, it just kind of slowly healed up. And I was fine, I think.

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