Ava Miller

“Is there a sound that makes you cringe?”

There’s a lot of sounds that make me cringe, like nails on chalkboard, like one of the people said styrofoam rubbing together. What else? Oh, my bedroom is– there’s a gutter right by my window –and my bed is right by my window, so when it rains, after it’s done raining and the gutters just dripping. Also the gutters broken right there but nobody’s got to fixing it. So when it drips, it’s so annoying, and it’s just endlessly dripping. Also, when — during the summer time, there’s always a bird’s nest right there, which might sound nice to wake up to birds chirping. But when it’s, when they’re waking me up at like 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning, when you want to be sleeping in because you don’t have school, you kind of get on gets on your nerves. Another sound that makes me cringe is when you’re cutting with a sharp knife, I don’t even know if it has to be a sharp knife, just a regular ceramic plate, not like a plastic plate –well, it could be on a plastic plate — but not a cutting board, and it like slips, and it makes that screeching noise. I hate that. Or when you rub a fork on a plate bulb, it just makes my ears burn. Also, sometimes really really loud static makes me cringe.

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