Jack Rechsteiner

“Cuz if you want to get a good, real good homemade bagel…”

I found out that the trick to being a pro baker isn’t making good pastries and stuff, it’s being able to make a lot of them very fast and very consistently, so. What I wound up finding my knack for is bagels. It’s a long, time consuming process. Cuz if you want to get a good, real good homemade bagel, you have to start the dough about 12 to 24 hours before you actually start to make the bagels, so it can rise and get a really good fluffiness without being overly dense. So then you take that dough you started. Well… Yeah, it’s a dough starter. That’s what I’d call it. You take that, you add in the more flour and get it ready for – more bread-like, ready for the oven. You roll those out, make them into the bagel shape, pre-boil them, and bake them. So I didn’t have much room in my shop. We just had a small little, like, table top commercial oven. So I’d be able to knock out, maybe, a dozen-and-a-half bagels in that oven at a time. So still time consuming process, but much more efficient than anything else I’d figured out how to do at that time. I also made a real mean Trail Mix Bar in a big sheet pan, but can’t remember the recipe on that anymore.

portrait of a young person standing in front of s snowy field. They are wearing a winter jacket and smiling at the camera