“I want to help by doing something technical. I’m good with computers”

As you probably know that there was that great lockout protest last week that — or, gridlock protest — that just crippled the capital. And even though my wife doesn’t work for the government, she has nothing to do with the government, they are a private company, they still had people stop in front of their building shouting at them. Even though they’re not involved and I just worry they say they’re going to do more of these if they’re just going to escalate and escalate. With the amount of guns around there. I just — people — someone’s going to do something stupid, I worry.
Um. Yeah. To cope. I made a website, kentcovid.com. Just a graph. I like visualizing the data pattern. And I need to — I want to help by doing something technical like I’m good with computers and I can set you up a production environment in the cloud in a second, but I don’t know how to help everyday people with something like this.
So I tried doing that through a website.

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