“We have *intended* to try to make our own masks”

We have *intended* to try to make our own masks, to answer the last question. We even bought a sewing machine on Amazon. But since we haven’t been outside — meaning, haven’t been outside in the public — We’ve had less of an incentive to try to make our own masks, and other things keep coming up and we keep pushing it off. At this point in time, I’ve ordered a few months off masks online. One of the companies that I think I mentioned in my last diary, fanatics.com, have partnered with the NBA to make a team branded masks that they now sell. They’re supposed to arrive here sometime in mid-May. And I guess remains to be seen whether or not we’re going to try to do something before that in terms of making our own masks.

I’d like to, personally. I’d like to be able to share masks with the community, if I’m able to make them. But much like with a lot of the other good intentions that we’ve had in terms of, you know, me learning python or me learning to play the guitar: being productive personally productive when it’s not — when the (Big Bang Theory fans will recognize this) When the locus of — this quote — when the locus of motivation is not external. Sometimes it gets really hard to motivate yourself to do something productive internally. So very long-winded way of answering this question with: No, we have not yet tried to make our own masks. But we have all the materials and sewing machine that hopefully — it’s tiny, it’s cheap — but hopefully is up to the task, if and when we finally get around to it.

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