“I want it to be accessible […] I want it to not be super stressful on families.”

With Elementary and Middle School, it’s like so many students like over 400 students that I see over the course of a week and I get to know students and I know their names and I know them collectively as classes, as groups, and the silver lining for the remote learning for me has been the kind of individualized connections I’m making with students where they share their — you know, I will post a lesson. I’m not doing synchronous. Everything is asynchronous at the moment. I’ll post a lesson at the beginning of the week and they’ll share a photo or a video of their work with me or they’ll record their voice and then I can record my voice and give a comment back and  sort of tailoring it to individual students and their families and seeing kids in their homes where they are just kind of their different parts of their personality have come out. So I’ve really enjoyed that.

But I am becoming a bit fatigued as the weather is getting nicer and I mean everything is like a little bit of reinventing what I teach, what my lessons look like, what makes the most sense. I want it to be accessible. I want students who don’t have the best technology access to be able to accomplish this. I want the screen only to be used as a prompt to get students away from the screen and be highly creative that way. I want it not to be super stressful on families.

So I’ve been trying to do lessons where the whole family can participate it could be a son and a mother doing the theater activity together. A child doing it by him or herself siblings a group of four siblings being able to do the activity together and.

Yeah, it’s been it’s been interesting. I have enjoyed some parts and other things, I’m it’s just it’s having to recreate our jobs. So that’s that’s tricky and just when you get used to one thing and feel good about it, like the learning platform one of them that we’re using at our school. I love it, and it sounds like we might be moving away from that for next year.

So having to relearn technology, but that’s okay. We’re adaptable we will figure it out.

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