“There was joy and a new commitment to a new life”

I’m an Episcopal priest in East Lansing Michigan.

And one of the things that I did last week was do a social distancing wedding. The couple, I had been counseling and planning to do like a normal wedding for them back in coming up in June. Um, they just decided they couldn’t wait and you know to think about waiting as long as a year felt like it was too long for them and they asked why don’t I just do it.

Well, I’m not allowed in my church building right now by my Bishops so we stood in the front porch or the back porch of the church and the Sun was shining and we found a little patch of flowers and the bride and her kids and the groom stood in front of the church and their Witnesses were socially distanced and I was socially distanced and they made their promises. And we set up a Zoom link for their friends and family. So the friends and family were able to observe the ceremony and then they were married.

They’re buying a house this week, are getting ready to set up their life together. And the joke was back in the beginning when they were planning their reception. They said “Oh, let’s just let’s just do it with Arby’s, we’ll just bring in Arby’s”

Well, they went through the drive-through and got Arby’s for their wedding supper.

So I talked to them yesterday and they’re doing well and feeling a little a little weird but getting ready to pack their stuff up and buy their new house and start their new life even in the midst of this very strange time with so much fear and death.

There was a joy and a new commitment to a New Life.

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